Jasmine was introduced to golf on a family holiday in Portugal. Inspired by hitting that ‘one clean shot’, she caught the golfing bug and set about her own journey as a beginner. The opportunity to improve the sport's current set-up became quickly apparent, as she began to encounter obstacles and see the games short-comings in welcoming and nurturing new players, especially women.
It was in April 2017 that Jasmine as 'The Jazzy Golfer' was born with an initial desire to document her journey in learning the sport and showcase the more fun side of the game. Now, just over 2 years later, her key aims are to continue to produce content designed to entertain, educate and inspire her audience, whilst increasing recognition of the role, importance and benefits of more women and girls being encouraged to the game. And of course, providing a much-needed Jazzing-Up of how the game is portrayed and perceived!
The Jazzy Golfer has injected fresh energy with a distinct insight into the game since introducing herself to the world of golf. Founded on an intrigue and new-found passion for golf, she has quickly established a loyal following of fans, who tune in to hear from her on and off-course exploits.

If you would like to work with Jazzy, please do get in touch.

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